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If you think you can’t sell your house in the fall/winter, THINK AGAIN!

For many years, in Colorado, it was almost taboo to put your house on the market in the fall/winter months.  Things have changed in Colorado in recent years.  Last year we saw the biggest change.  In November 2016, we saw one of the biggest jumps.  There were 391 more homes that sold in November of 2016 than 2015.  The slowest month for closings are in January, which makes sense because typically people do not want to put their house on the market during the in December.  But, February sales start to go up again.  Look at the sales for March 2016 vs December of 2016, almost the same amount of homes sold. I had 2 closings last December!  I believe that the fall/winter might be some of the best times to put your house on the market.  Why?  Because of the astigmatism that comes with not putting your house on the market in the fall/winter.  Less homes on the market, less options for buyers looking, which makes your house stand out!  So, if you are thinking about selling, but didn’t think you could get it sold during this time.  Think again!  You really can sell it now!  See the chart below (from the PPMLS) , I can’t make this stuff up!  I would love to do a CMA for you and we can see what the market looks like in your area right now.  It is free, no hassle!

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